Bachelor's degree in Germany

TestAS is a central standardised aptitude test for foreign students. TestAS gives prospective students information about their individual ranking compared to other applicants. With good results, they can improve their chances of being admitted for studies at a German university. One may appear for this exam in German or English.

This year TestAS was conducted in May in Bangalore, Chennai, Calcutta, Mumbai and New Delhi

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Germany recognizes minimum of 13 years of formal education to start any bachelors program. The education system in India has provision for 12 years of formal education. This means that an Indian student has to undergo one additional year of study to be eligible to carry on his bachelor studies in Germany. This additional year of education can be either done in India or in Germany as per the desire of the student.

There are few ways in which the student can undertake 13th year of education in India:

  • If a student has taken up a diploma course after 10th standard and completed three years in the same (10+3), then he/she is directly eligible to start bachelor education in Germany. (to be checked with university)

  • If an Indian student has got admission in any of the IITs, then he/she can directly get admission in a German university for his/her bachelors.

  • After a student finishes his/her senior secondary examination, s/he needs to pass the entrance test to enter the preparatory course in the Studienkolleg ( In the Studienkolleg, the student starts preparatory classes, depending on the subject in which s/he wants to do her/his bachelor's program.

  • During this period, they will learn the terminologies of these subjects in German Language.

  • At the completion of Studienkolleg, the student needs to take up the Feststellungsprüfung ( which is conducted after every six months. This serves as an equivalent exam to German Abitur (, which is prerequisite to join a bachelors program in Germany.

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