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Ich liebe Deutsch!

German language

  • Is a central-european language

  • Is spoken in the DACH region

  • Is one of the official languages of Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg


Germany (D), Austria(A) and Switzerland(CH)

Can I learn German?

Do you know some English?

Meine Schwester hat braunes Haar.

My sister has brown hair.

Sie ist intelligent.

She is intelligent.

Sie studiert Medizin in Berlin.

She is studying medicine in Berlin.

Sie kann gut singen.

She can sing well.

.....................then you already know some German!!

Ich liebe Deutsch!

Learning German as a foreign language

Learning, teaching, assessment of foreign language proficiency

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages…. CEFR


Language Proficiency Assessment

CEFR level ‘A1

Four Modules

• Listening comprehension

• Reading comprehension

• Writing skills

• Speaking skills

Listening comprehension

Duration: 20 mins. approx.

Short conversations & announcements

Structure: Three parts

All questions carry one mark each

Parts 1 & 3: The track is played twice, followed by multiple-choice questions

Part 2: The track is played once, followed by true or false questions

Max. Marks: 15

Reading comprehension

Duration: 25 mins.

Texts: Letters, emails, advertisements, etc.

Structure: Three parts

All questions carry one mark each

True or false and multiple-choice questions

Max. Marks: 15

Writing skills

Duration: 20 mins.

Structure: Two parts

Parts 1 (Max. Marks: 5) : A text would be given and a personal information form has to be filled.

Part 2 (Max. Marks: 10) : An informal letter/email.

Max. Marks: 15

Speaking skills

Duration: 15 mins. approx.

Structure: Three parts

Part 1 (Max. Marks: 3) : Introducing oneself

Part 2 (Max. Marks: 6) : Framing questions on words given on cue cards and answering them.

Part 3 (Max. Marks: 6) : Framing questions on pictures given on cue cards and answering them.

Max. Marks: 15

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